About Us

Company Overview

Ethos Education Group, LLC (Ethos) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage, educate, and empower students with the Ethos Pedagogy – cultivating identity development, offering supplemental learning opportunities, and providing a diverse community of mentors.

The Ethos Pedagogy is a customizable character development program that was designed to improve student’s educational experience by redefining success through a firm understanding of identity and self-value, while also providing the resources they need to support the goals associated with that understanding. It leverages the social worth of celebrity athletes, entertainers, and highly esteemed professionals from various industries as a means to connect with impressionable youth through a variety of interactive curriculum courses that support the common goals of children, families, and educators.

Some youth struggle with serious personal and social issues while others are focused, motivated, and already achieving great things. By supporting the character development of each student, and providing resources that support their self-identity, purpose, values and vision, the Ethos Pedagogy offers value, opportunity, and resources to every student at every level by envisioning the very best possibility for each participant and meeting them where they are.

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