The Legacy Plan is a series of in-person and/or online courses which support students in developing their self-identity, purpose, values, and vision. The Legacy Plan is typically facilitated in-person by a certified teacher or Ethos Leader but can also be taken independently in the Ethos Village. Students who are not enrolled with a group (a school, club, or organization), and choose to join the Ethos Village independently will have the support of Ethos Mentors within the online Ethos Village portal and will be given access to all the resources made available in our Ethos Pedagogy. During this learning series, students will engage in various activities and discussions designed to guide them in a self-discovery process allowing them to define their self-identity, purpose, values, and vision. At the conclusion of this learning series, students will complete a project and will be invited to present it to our Ethos Champions who will offer them questions to think about, provide insights, encourage them, and applaud their progress; all the while, keeping their interactions with the Ethos student participants in alignment with our core values:

Inclusion - we promote belonging, value diversity and are committed to equality.
Self-Love – we encourage an appreciation of one’s own well-being, worth, and virtue.
Respect – we treat all living things with reverence and respect.

Authenticity – authenticity is our foundation for individuality, growth, and success.
Growth – we aspire to advance and support the growth and learning of all people.
Leadership – we believe every person is a leader in the stewardship of their own values.


You’ve Got the Power! ™, is a series of motivational and inspirational courses offered in workbooks and online, developed to offer students tools and strategies that teach values and character traits to strengthen academic success and to reach their desired life goals. The You’ve Got the Power! ™ approach to character development doesn’t exclude anyone. We base our programs and materials on behaviors that everyone can agree on — values that are not politically, religiously, or culturally biased.

Each workbook in this learning series contains a system that works together to reinforce learning and application.

"POWER PRINCIPLES" that are vital to character education and life skills development.
"POWER STORIES" of real-life scenarios for students to internalize, synthesize, and apply the principles presented in this book.
"POWER DILEMMAS" that allow students the opportunity to experiment with the key information presented.
"POWER QUESTIONS" that immerse students in thought provoking self-exploration and discovery exercises of their feelings and thoughts related to each "POWER PRINCIPLE".
"POWER ACTION ACTIVITIES" that enhance student learning and retention by reinforcing concepts presented in the reading material. The use of these activities will help to further develop an understanding of the discussion points and to gain insight into the principles and how they can be applied in each student’s life.
"POWER JOURNAL" topics are included in the workbook to promote independent writing and thought reflection to reinforce the main concepts presented in the workbook.
"POWER PLANNING TOOL" is included to assist students in developing an action plan that will be implemented to alter their behavior and improve their performance.


CEO of my Future, is a collection of online courses in a variety of topics developed by leading industry professionals. These courses aren’t ordinarily included in the school curriculum but are vital to the goals identified by students, teachers, and families. They are self-paced and include Financial Literacy, Leadership, Investing, Sports Management, and more! We are constantly adding new courses to this series to ensure there’s something to meet each student’s interest. All our courses are relevant and suitable for most students from middle school through young adulthood, and we have a customized course adaptation for younger students.