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Ethos Education Group

Founded (2010) by NFL Hall of Fame/Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Brown, Dallas Cowboys legend Everson Walls, and CEO Michael Davis, Ethos Education Group (Ethos) is a non-profit organization who provides a character development platform called Ethos Pedagogy. The Ethos Pedagogy offers tools and resources that engage, motivate, and inspire children and youth as they grow from childhood into adulthood.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage, educate, and empower students with the Ethos Pedagogy – cultivating character development, offering supplemental learning opportunities, and providing a diverse community of mentors. We partner with children, families, and educators to create a foundation for good decisions and big dreams as our students navigate the pathway from childhood into adulthood.

Our Pedagogy

Ethos Pedagogy is a curriculum-based and customizable character development program designed to improve student’s educational experience by redefining success through a firm understanding of self-identity, purpose, values, and vision. Ethos Pedagogy leverages the social worth of celebrity athletes, entertainers, and highly esteemed professionals from other industries as a means to connect with impressionable youth through a variety of interactive curriculum courses that support the common goals of children, families, and educators.

Ethos Curriculum

The Ethos Curriculum provides three different learning series: The first learning series, The Legacy Plan, is a series of in-person and/or online courses which support students in developing their self-identity, purpose, values, and vision. The second learning series, You’ve Got the Power! ™, is series of motivational and inspirational courses offered in workbooks and online, developed to help individuals discover strategies for improving academic performance and achieving their desired goals in life. The third learning series, CEO of my Future, is a collection of online courses in a variety of topics developed by leading industry professionals. These courses aren’t ordinarily included in the school curriculum but are vital to the goals identified by students. They include Financial Literacy, Leadership, Sports Management, Investing, and more! We are constantly adding new courses to this series to ensure there’s something to meet each student’s interest. All our courses are relevant and suitable for most students from middle school through young adulthood, and we have a customized course adaptation for younger students.

Ethos Champions

Ethos Champions are a network of celebrity athletes, entertainers, and highly esteemed professionals who come from a variety of industries. Our Champions are individuals who believe in the Ethos Pedagogy and are committed to supporting Ethos students by sharing what they’ve learned along their journey to success in order to guide, inspire, and motivate the students in our online platform, the Ethos Village. Once students become a member of the Ethos Village and complete The Legacy Plan and You’ve Got the Power! ™, they have direct access to our network of Ethos Champions through the Ethos Village.

Ethos Village

Ethos Village is our online portal, developed to ensure that our students have unlimited access to our Ethos Curriculum, to the digital workbooks they use along with the curriculum, and to our Ethos Champions. Students who complete the first and second learning series of the Ethos Curriculum (The Legacy Plan and You’ve Got the Power! ™) will have direct access to our network of celebrity athletes, entertainers, and highly esteemed professionals who reinforce the curriculum, and provide ongoing support and mentoring to Ethos participants.

You’ve Got The Power!

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