Ethos Leader Recruitment

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Becoming an Ethos Leader is the starting point of creating generational change within our communities.

Ethos leaders will be assigned a school(s) where they manage the course curriculum within workshops and the Ethos Village portal.

  • Content providers for an “in-school” Ethos 10-week program
  • Controlling and creating a culture in the classroom – "a new normal"
  • Create impact, connection and building trust with students
  • Become a Mentor and Parent Liaison after the 10-week program.

Success for an Ethos Leader is:

  • Creating impact - Sharing your unique story!!
  • Teaching the principles of the curriculum – Identity, Purpose, Values, Vision and Goals
  • Creating a safe space for students to learn and share
  • Holding students Accountable
  • Being present
  • Being prepared
  • Being consistent
  • Being timely
  • Being positive

To learn more about becoming an Ethos Leader, please click here.