Thinking About Your Thinking


The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an unprecedented awareness of the importance of managing our mental health. The trauma brought on by the pandemic added to existing traumas that we were already experiencing. While the outpouring of mental health resources was just as unprecedented as the pandemic, many individuals were still reluctant to seek out support or lacked access. As we were forced to isolate ourselves we became acutely aware of the visceral feelings held within our bodies and how they show up as very strong emotions such as overwhelming anxiety.

Most therapy models tend to be “talk-based” and seek to use our mind to control our body; however, we should also factor in that the body holds the deep feelings and memories associated with anxiety, depression and stress long after a traumatic experience is over. The body’s emotional memories are not easily mediated by “talking things out.” Thinking About Your Thinking was written to provide a practical self-help resource that encourages us to take our body on our mental health journey guided by its innate emotional intelligence.